BetSoft Schedules Two New Slots for August Release

88 Frenzy FortuneAugust is set to be a top time to head to American-friendly online offshore casinos if you like BetSoft’s 3D slot games, which can be played at The established slot provider is set to unveil two new releases in August, with each bringing something new (albeit similar) to the table.

The curiously titled 88 Frenzy Fortune is set to go live on August 12, followed shortly by the similar sounding 7 Fortune Frenzy. What can US players expect from these upcoming slots? Let us find out:

Meet 88 Frenzy Fortune

88 Frenzy Fortune naturally has an Asian theme and design. The game contains thematic imagery, all designed using the quality 3D graphics we would expect from BetSoft Gaming. Notably, the 88 Frenzy Fortune slot is set to be played over just three reels, with a fourth reel coming into play to trigger bonus features.

Of course, just what those bonus features are remains to be seen, as BetSoft Gaming is keeping a lid on things for the time being. It will surely not be too long before a playable demo springs up ahead of the game’s launch at US online casinos, though.

Alternatively, You Can Play 7 Fortune Frenzy

If that slot does not work for you, you can always opt to play 7 Fortune Frenzy. This similar-sounding 3D slot will debut at roughly the same time at 88 Frenzy Fortune, perhaps a few days later.

It, too, will feature three reels and just a single line, with a fourth reel springing into life. Despite being a classic slot, 7 Fortune Frenzy will bestow mystery cash prizes and multipliers upon USA players, boosting the amount you could expect to win in a traditional fruit machine. The symbols in this release are more in line with classic Western fruit machines, though, with fruits, bars, bells, and cherries aplenty, instead of the Asia-orientated imagery found in 88 Frenzy Fortune.

Play Both New Slots This August at US Online Casinos

Despite the similarities in terms of features (presumably) and titles, the 88 Frenzy Fortunes and 7 Fortune Frenzy slots offer different takes – one is a Western-style game and the other an Asian-centric one.

Both should appear at roughly the same time (mid-August) at most major US online casinos offering BetSoft Gaming slots. In the meantime, you can try BetSoft’s recently released Jungle Stripes and Wild Drops slot games, ahead of these two, and September’s Tower Fortuna slot.

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