Casino Bonuses Explained

Casino BonusesCasino Bonuses are the marketing method used to tempt you to join a particular site rather than one of its rivals. This is a loss leader for them. They would prefer not to hand out free money, even though certain stringent strings are always attached to these offers. The casinos are aware, that in the language of freebies, size matters.

We list the bonuses from our recommended online casinos on the right-hand side of the page. Here we explain what types of offers exist. Bear in mind that many casinos offer a combination of the different incentives. We also highlight what to keep in mind when exploiting these freebies.

Casino Welcome Bonus | First Deposit Bonus | Sign-up Bonus

The first-deposit is the most common type and it can also be known as a ‘welcome,’ ‘match’ or ‘sign-up’ bonus. It is usually a 100% match of your first deposit of funds but they always advertise the maximum you will receive. For instance, as an example, you might see ‘100% bonus on first deposit up to $100.’ That will mean that if you deposit anything between perhaps $10 and $100 you will have that amount matched. So if you deposit $50 you will get an extra $50 to play with free. Obviously if you deposit over $100, say $500, then you will still only get the $100 extra.

Sometimes casino bonuses look wonderful, say a sign-up incentive of $1000. However you will need to maybe deposit exactly that amount to be eligible. That’s a big first deposit and on top of that, as explained in the next paragraph, you will have wagering requirements to satisfy to release it all. So suddenly the amazing deal is not quite so easy to achieve.

Because the casinos do not want you to simply take the free money and leave their site forever, there are conditions attached. You will need to play quite a lot at the casino. Usually the terms dictate that you can only cash out your winnings once you have hit the defined target. This is called the ‘play through’ or ‘wagering requirement.’

For instance your personal handle or turnover may need to be many times more than the deposit plus bonus. The gambling requirement may typically be around 25 x the free offer. So you would have to bet or gamble or play in total 25 x the deposit and bonus amount to receive it. As an example: if you deposit $100 and get a 100% sign-up incentive up to $100 then you are due to receive $100 extra. But first you will need to turn over $2500 of wagers at the casino to get the full amount of the offer released to you.

It is worth pointing out, for clarity, that obviously the smaller the wagering requirement the better the deal for you. So ‘x 25’ is better than ‘x 30.’ We state the play through wagering requirements for each casino we recommend in the right-hand column of this page.

Please double check the terms of each operator on their ‘promotions’ or ‘offers’ page. The wagering requirement may have changed and there could be other onerous conditions for that site.

These might include some or all of the following: 1, The offer only applying when you use certain specified deposit methods. 2, The need to enter bonus codes before you deposit. 3, The freebie not applying below a certain deposit size. 4, Another common term is that some games do not contribute fully to the turnover requirement. For instance, video poker might only count at 40% towards your handle. That would mean for every $100 you play on video poker only $40 of it counts towards achieving the play through.

It takes a bit of research to be a successful bonus tart! This art is also more widely and crudely known as ‘bonus whoring’. Being a whore for these huge casino bonuses can be a lot of fun and could result in a larger bank balance for yourself. That is certainly the plan but you may just have to jump through a few hoops to achieve it.

No Deposit Casino Bonuses

This is possibly the best for players to get, because it is almost money for nothing. You get casino bonuses just for registering. The idea is to give you a little amount, maybe $10, to play with to try out the games. You will not be able to cash it out without playing it through though. The terms of the no deposit offer can vary with each specific site.

Reload Bonus

A reload is a subsequent deposit of funds after the first time you funded your account. Some online casinos do offer reload bonuses to try to keep you loyal to them. For all intents they follow the same structure as the welcome bonuses, just for existing players. Also, some deposit methods will attract higher incentives.

Referral Bonus

These are bonuses available if you refer a friend. This is usually circa $50. Your friend will need to deposit funds first. The terms of each referral bonus will vary slightly.

Our USA Casino Bonuses Advice

Ensure you check the ‘promotions’ or ‘special offers’ pages on each site visited for the terms of the initial bonuses and also to scour any ongoing offers once you are an established player there. We try to keep this site updated with these details but the promos can change all the time. They can be quite generous as they are geared to luring you to play at that site as a regular. They reward your return custom.

The free incentives on offer are well worth having, so a bit of homework won’t go amiss. Checking who has the biggest casino bonuses can not be underestimated but we think it should not be your sole decision-making criteria.