Learn How To Play Online Slots

It is not hard to learn how to play online slots. You simply click the ‘spin’ icon to start the internet slot machine. In concept it is identical to the land-based version but on the internet it is far more comfortable. You choose your location and there is no pushing and shoving!

One other big advantage is that the online slots have a higher payout percentage than their non-virtual slot machine cousins. Also the internet machines are subject to stringent tests to ensure the random number generator is completely random. The online casinos we recommend on this site all have independently certified software.

When playing online slots, you do not miss out on the big wins either. That is because the online casinos are part of huge networks and so if you want to play the progressive jackpot slot machines then the money up for grabs is mammoth. However that is for a reason, progressive jackpots are won infrequently.

As for the various types of slots available, the simplest straight slot is a 3-reel slot. It is the ‘reels’ that rotate when you click the spin button. Then there are 5-reel slots and upwards. There are also bonus slots, which give bonus plays for certain symbol combinations, as well as branded slots. The latter will have symbols based on the theme of the game, which could be a famous film for instance. In essence they are all easy to use but it is well worth you checking which combination of symbols will win you what. Most symbol combinations will give cash, others free spins and some the previously-mentioned bonuses.

With Video Slots it is easy to play many lines at once. For instance you could play up to 9 lines at one time. The idea behind video slots is that they do not have rotating wheels but are software randomly generating the symbols. In the online environment you could argue that all slots are of the video variety as there are no actual physical reels, just software that makes it appear that way.

Playing slots online is as good if not better than doing so in bricks and mortar casinos. It is worth giving a go at one of the casinos listed to the right. Playing online slots is so easy to get started and very intuitive and simple to pick up. It is a hobby that is easier done than said!