Learn Online Roulette Strategy

When discussing online roulette strategy, one thing is plain, it is a game of luck and chance. There is no system to guarantee long term winnings. Please be aware that none of them are gilt-plated systems.

Also be aware that there are unscrupulous websites out there claiming to have a roulette system. They will claim to be able to show you the way to play to make money. They will do a good sales pitch and it will be very convincing. They will bleat on about how a group of them have been making fortunes and they can share it with you. Then they will take your money to reveal the method. But they will simply explain in detail one of the roulette strategies mentioned below, all of which have been around for decades and none of which can guarantee a long-term profit. If these strategies were guaranteed, would unscrupulous websites be selling you the information? No. They would be far too busy milking the online casinos to sell you the precious secret.

The Martingale Strategy: This is a strategy that has been employed in more than just roulette and it is the basis for nearly all the strategies out there. Sports punters use it, but it is fraught with danger. It is however safer in roulette when applied to the roulette bet types that are even-money chances like Red/Black, High/Low, Odds/Evens. The basis of this rather crude strategy is that when you lose the next bet is bigger to cover that loss and give you a profit and so on. So whenever you lose you double your bet to get it back when you win. As you are dealing with probabilities each time that are almost genuinely even chances you won’t go long without a win, at which point you are back to even. But if you do lose for a while then this could be a costly strategy. Another dislikeable aspect to the Martingale Strategy from our point of view is that you are effectively always chasing your losses. This is a pretty rudimentary strategy and not one to employ with anything other than a fun and frivolous attitude. I have no idea who Mr Martingale is, but he has spawned many more variations on his dodgy theme, and I won’t be rushing to shake his hand.

There are a few other online roulette strategies that are similar to the Martingale system such as theD’Alembert Strategy where you raise your betting stake after each loss and lower it by the same amount after a win.

There is also the Fibonacci strategy that also involves raising bets cumulatively to cover losses. Some casino sites explain these strategies in detail, so they can’t be that good a system to eternal wealth!

In addition there are some more complex strategies such as the Labouchere Strategy that involves betting on the same even money chances mentioned before. But for this you need a pen and pencil and you mathematically work out what the stake of your next bet should be according to the rules of the formula.

There is another strategy based on covering the table with lots of bets. But it means you bet a lot and so can never win big.

Remember our warning. Do not expect any of these online roulette strategy systems to be the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. The most they can do for you is attempt to minimize the house edge. The best place any of them has in your roulette play is as a fun aid. You might like the sound of one system and so give it a go, but just use it as a way to enhance your style of play. Do not rely on any roulette strategy to make you money in the long term as only lady luck holds the key to that.