Privacy, Cookies & Social Policies

Last updated October 16th, 2020

Privacy Policy

We do not track your activity on this website, USAcasinos, in any way. We do not collect any data, except any information you volunteer to us if you choose to contact us via our contact message form. If you supply an email address in the course of that contact then we will not pass this on to any third party. Your privacy is protected on this site.

Cookies Policy

The only cookies we use on this website are from google analytics. Also, when you click away from this website some of the links will drop a cookie just to tell the site you are going to that you originated from our website. In this instance they do not know who you are, they just know a visitor came from our website to their’s.

Cookies have had a bad press, particularly by government bodies (and those champions of red tape, the EU) who don’t seem to understand what they are. A cookie is just a simple text file that downloads to your PC from websites. They do a number of helpful jobs for you and me.

They can make our journey across the internet more straightforward. Cookies can be used for a number of useful purposes, one example that springs to mind is that they remember what you put in a shopping cart. We don’t use shopping carts on this website, but we are glad about cookies when we do our own online shopping. The sort of cookies we are talking about don’t even make you fat or leave crumbs on the floor, so we can think of worse cookies than those little text files that are sometimes used on the internet.

Google Analytics is a useful service provided by Google that helps track the number of visitors that visit a website and where they go if they link away from a site. This sort of thing can tell a webmaster which pages are most read and which pages people just browse straight through with barely a glance. Google Analytics uses cookies to get this information.

However what you need to understand is that cookies do not know your name or your street address or indeed anything about you much. They don’t know your hair color, bust size or inside leg measurement. They just know you are a visitor and which pages you went to and for how long – but we don’t even use our own cookies that gather this information. You could say we are on a cookie diet.

Social Policy

We do not condone underage or excessive gambling. The age at which you are allowed to gamble varies with your location. It is likely to be either 18, in the vast majority of cases, or 21. We advise you respect your local laws on this. All betting operators we promote have strict underage and social policies.

If you can not afford to lose a bet then you should not be making it. Betting should be fun, not derived out of a drastic desire the make money. If the fun stops then so should you. One trap that some excessive gamblers fall into is chasing their losses. In this scenario they become fixated with at least winning back any losses they have made. This is a bad mindset to get into and could lead to unaffordable losses and betting beyond your means.

If you feel you have a problem with excessive gambling then we would strongly urge you to contact an organization that can help such as the admirable Gamblers Anonymous.

Thanks for reading

Thank you for reading our page of smallprint. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we at USA Casinos enjoyed writing it. If you have read every word on this page and got as far as this then maybe you need to take a long hard look at yourself in the mirror!