Triple Whammy of Bad Press for Las Vegas Casinos

Circus Circus CasinoIn a week that included Friday the 13th, Las Vegas casinos have had nothing but bad press. The glitzy, glamorous casinos of Sin City suffered from one or two setbacks. From arrests and shootings to positive COVID tests leading to further reduced attendees, casinos are not having a good week. Here is a rundown of the latest coming out of Las Vegas.

Nevada Casino Goers Test Positive for COVID

This week did not get off to the brightest start for Las Vegas’s casinos when it was revealed that since June, over 5.7 million people visited the state’s southern countries, most of whom took a trip to Las Vegas. Of those, 700 people tested positive for the coronavirus having frequented a Las Vegas casino.

With several casinos in Sin City already fined for breaching COVID-19 safety requirements, the Nevada Governor, Steve Sisolak, has urged people to stay at home over the next two weeks, in a period he calls “Stay at Home 2.0”. Their likely absence is most probably going to be felt in Vegas’ casinos, where limitations on the number of clients have already seen a drastic reduction in revenue.

Rap Song Ends Up Leading to Vegas Casino Arrest

Elsewhere, a pimp was up in front of a court this week, after releasing a rap song which referenced a “prostitute” who worked for him at the Cosmopolitan Casino in Las Vegas. Initially arrested in October, Letorian Hunt was charged with two counts of pandering, and a further two counts of living off a prostitute’s earnings. One of the women featured in the rap song worked at the Cosmopolitan and was known to solicit there. The brick-and-mortar casino has declined to comment on the story.

Circus Circus Casino Plays Host to a Quadruple Shooting

Finally, the Circus Circus Casino in Las Vegas attracted some unwanted attention this week, when a brawl broke out between teens and young adults last weekend. An unidentified juvenile was arrested after shooting four people at the casino. All four shooting victims were treated in hospital and are stable.

Police have been stepping up investigations into shootings in Las Vegas recently, citing that increased crime is the result of an increase in visiting gangs. Again, the casino in question (Circus Circus Casino) has declined to comment.

The Silver Lining

It may not have been a good week for Las Vegas’ casinos but with the prospect of reduced visitors and quiet two-week period ahead before Thanksgiving, the respite could be precisely what Las Vegas’ casinos need. In the meantime, there are ample options for you to bet online at some of the US’ most trusted online casinos where the big brands never close for business and social distancing isn’t required.