BetOnline Casino Back After Debilitating Cyber Attack Downs Site

Last updated November 13th, 2020

BetOnline CasinoAll systems are up and running, and the US online casino world is back to normal this week, following a cyber attack on leading US betting site BetOnline Casino.

The online casino released a Twitter statement over the weekend, which confirmed they had fallen victim to a cyberattack. However, owing to the excellent security measures in place, the hack was ultimately unsuccessful. Nevertheless, the site was down and unavailable to players for a full two days and only got back online during Sunday, having been offline since the Friday.

What Has Happened?

On Friday October 16, many US casinos operated by Commission Kings, including BetOnline Casino were subjected to the DDOS (distributed denial of service) attack. The hackers attempted to overload the servers at several leading US online casinos, in a bid to cripple the website temporarily. While their goal (to ransom the casino once users are locked out) failed, many players were understandably concerned and the attack did take the site offline for a full two days.

BetOnline Casino released a statement on Twitter over the weekend, which confirmed the attack had taken place but wanted to stress that all their players’ balances and personal details remain secure. Having been active for over twenty years, the online casino is no stranger to suffering attacks. It regularly updates users when there is an attempted breach of its security measures, with appreciative casino members retaining a high degree of confidence in the way that BetOnline is protected. On this occasion, it was very severe and players were locked out of their accounts for the bulk of the weekend.

No Negative Impact on Casino Players

After announcing the attack, Commission Kings (and its subsequent casinos) launched an FAQ where concerned casino members could pose their questions. Casinos such as BetOnline feature amongst the best encryption technology in the online gambling world, and there was no immediate danger to personal details. Attacks such as this are common at online gambling sites around the globe, so there is no reason to believe that top US casinos were deliberately targeted for any reason save for the fact that they are online casinos.

There is no impact on players at any of Commission Kings websites, including BetOnline. The security measures in place responded well to the attack, which was dealt with immediately. Naturally, BetOnline and other casinos shut down some services temporarily while a full check was carried out.

All Operations Resume Normally

As of the weekend, all operations are now resuming normally at outlets affected by the attempted hack. The move further strengthens the need to play at trusted, reliable, and ultimately safe and secure casinos. The cyber-attack is not the first to target the industry and will not be the last. Once again, the online gambling world has showcased that it has the necessary protection in place to keep players and their accounts secure.