Las Vegas Mayor Hits Out at Governor as Casinos Suffer

Carolyn GoodmanThings are getting a touch feisty in Las Vegas after the mayor of Sin City hit out at Nevada’s governor this week. Earlier this month, Governor Steve Sisolak proposed his “Stay at Home 2.0” recommendations, and following a spike in cases of COVID-19 at casinos, demanded that Las Vegas’ gambling halls restrict their services or close their doors in line with the moves being made in other states. This has prompted Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman to call Sisolak “a dictator” this week.

Sisolak the ‘Dictator’?

Governor Sisolak has understandably had to make some tough decisions when it comes to the coronavirus pandemic. Having ordered the casinos in the state to close in March, he then permitted them to reopen in July, albeit with heavy restrictions, and brand-new safety procedures in place.

Operating at less than half the capacity has not seen a revival in revenue for many Las Vegas casinos. Now, following the second wave, the Nevada Governor has suggested even stronger restrictions and potentially the closure of main venues. Balancing the tightrope between public safety and the economy is proving challenging.

What is the Score?

Sisolak currently requires Las Vegas’ casinos to drop their operating capacity from around 50% to under 25%. Thanksgiving and many other holidays are going to be directly hit because of the new requirements, and some operators have stated that the lack of customers would lead to their closure. The outspoken Mayor Goodman understandably had something to say about the restrictions, especially since the casino industry is one of the major lifelines for business in the state.

Goodman Does Not Mince Her Words

Speaking after Sisolak’s plans were announced, Mayor Goodman commented that the Governor’s plans would be “crushing” to Las Vegas. She went on to add that Sisolak is a dictator which Las Vegas has complied with at each turn as there was no other way. Doubling down on her attack, the mayor added that it was Sisolak who had failed to curb and halt the spread of the virus effectively.

Mayor Goodwin has not had it all her own way, though. In May, retired poker pro, Doug Polk, launched a campaign to rid Las Vegas of the mayor, citing that it was her fault that the coronavirus pandemic had hit the city as much as it has. He claims that leaving the casinos open would result in “thousands” of unnecessary deaths. At the time of writing, Las Vegas’ casinos are complying with the most recent requirements set down by the governor, even if the mayor isn’t happy about it.