Texas & Illinois May License Online Casinos

Sheldon AdelsonDespite many states now actively considering opening shop for online casino sites, there are certain jurisdictions where one might assume that this would not be the case.

Generally speaking, and without causing any offence, it is usually the Southernmost states which are most opposed to online casino gambling, with big lobbies against the introduction of such businesses. That theory may be about to be blown wide open this week, though, after news that Texas and, although unrelated, Illinois, could be about to legalize online casino wagering.

Texas May Be the Next State to Make the Jump

You would not have pictured Texas as the type of state to legalize online casino games, but according to reports this week, that is exactly what is being considered. This week, Sheldon Adelson, the Chairman and CEO of Las Vegas Sands, decided to plough over $4.5 million into the Lone Star State’s Republican candidates, presumably in a bid to allow “coastal jurisdictions” to allow this form of gaming.

Just such a proposal was made by a Democrat in the Texas House of Representatives and would require Republican support to clear the house. With many businesses – including Adelson’s Sands enterprises – looking to opening up in the US, the billionaire’s interest in seeing Texas legalize it would not be surprising. There are even rumors whirling around that the approval date could be as early January, given that Texas has a budget shortfall of $4.6 billion.

A Word on Illinois

It is not just southerly states who are considering making moves in this direction. Throughout the year, many USA locations have been toying with the idea. West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Michigan have all made massive strides in this area over the last few months. Now, Illinois is reportedly considering the same. While the exact nature of Illinois’ interest remains clouded at best right now, and there is significant opposition from the land-based casinos in the state, again a budget shortfall could be the deciding factor.

Things Are Looking Good for 2021

Many are already predicting a very bright future ahead for the industry in 2021. It is thought that revenue could rise by 19% next year. Of course, this figure does not include the income earned from new casinos yet to launch (and many land-based ones are now closed), nor does it include the potential revenue made from players leaving offshore (and illegal sites) for mainstream, US-licensed ones. As more US states start to set up online casinos, 2021 is shaping up to be a bumper year for legal and legitimate internet casino gambling.