Illegal Gambling Raids In Pennsylvania

Last updated October 16th, 2020

Slot MachinesBy now everyone has heard of the exciting new changes brewing in the US gambling industry. One of the latest was the new law that the state of Pennsylvania passed not so long ago. Its aim was to liberalize regulations on gambling within the state.

The strict rules that made gaming for patrons very difficult and confusing in the past have now been loosened. As a result of this, a number of Pennsylvania’s largest gaming facilities have already lined up for the opportunity to expand their businesses. In doing so, the state hopes to patch up its budget deficit of some $2.3 billion. In fact, only a few days after passing the new law, Pennsylvania raked up $1 million in fees. That is just from one of its largest casinos.

However, it’s not all just good news for gamblers. On the one hand, we have this movement to liberalize gambling, both online and offline, for US players. On the other, authorities are busy cracking down on illegal gambling. At least that is exactly what this past day has shown us in the very same state of Pennsylvania. As a result, police have been seizing numerous gambling machines over the course of just one day. In addition, they have also seized a total of $400,000 in cash.

These raids, according to the authorities, were the result of a lengthy investigation into the illegal gambling sector. They took place at a number of different locations, although the police have not revealed the names of specific establishments. All they went on to disclose was that some of the illegal slot machines and unauthorized gambling took place at liquor stores.

The facilities in question were in Wyoming, Lackawanna and Luzerne counties. Whether or not these establishments are still in operation now remains unknown. In addition, authorities have also not mentioned, for now at least, what charges they will file. There has been talk about liquor licensees potentially facing criminal citations. This could also affect the renewal of liquor licenses for certain establishments, possibly also leading to their refusal altogether. What we do know so far is that the state attorney general’s office will be dealing with the prosecutions.

The reason why the police seized the electronic gaming machines is because they were not in the appropriate legal locations. The Gaming Control Board determines and approves of the locations where gambling can legally take place. So, while the process of liberalizing the gaming market is on its way, it is still a process nevertheless. Furthermore, lifting certain restrictions doesn’t mean there won’t be any at all. Those would be some unrealistic expectations. It is important that the authorities make this clear in order to still maintain a safe and regulated environment.

With this in mind, the investigation of the Pennsylvania police into matters of illegal gambling is still ongoing. So, there may very well be more seizures and raids to come.

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